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AI-Generated Tattoo Ideas | The future of Tattoo design?

Everyone is talking about AI-Gernated images these days. Recently an AI-generated artwork won an art competition for emerging artists - which raised a controversial discussion among the global art community. This made us think: How will AI impact the tattoo industry? With AI-Programs becoming more accessible to the public, there is a fair chance that artworks generated by algorithms will become common tattoo motives.

Driven by curiosity we have explored what´s possible and asked Midjourney´s AI to generate tattoo ideas. Midjourney is an open-source artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions. To create the images we used different prompts, from common tattoo ideas/styles to more abstract and crazy ones. The results are stunning:

Image prompt: fine line tattoo idea. black ink, detailed

Image prompt: minimalistic tattoo idea

Image prompt: neo traditional leg tattoo, drawn by da vinci

Image prompt: futuristic abstract tattoo idea

Image prompt: ignorant tattoo idea

Image prompt: full back tattoo. black ink and many details

Image prompt: futuristic palm tattoo idea

Image prompt: poseidon by salvador dali. back tattoo

Image prompt: h.g. giger style arm tattoo. aliens and dragons.

Image prompt: full body abstract fine-line tattoo

Image prompt: hyper realistic abstract back tattoo

Image prompt: contemporary tattoo, dobermann, black ink, hyper realistic

Image prompt: arm tattoo drawn by egon schille. two lovers

What do you think about the images? Can you imagine getting an AI-generated tattoo? What image prompts would you use? If you are interested in creating your own AI artwork, we suggest you visit one of the following pages: DALL-E 2, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion.

Your own imagination is the only limitation you have. And if you generate an artwork that you really like, well, we are happy to tattoo it for you!


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