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Portrait of tattoo artist Helmuth Giovanett. Tatuatore a trento.

"Every human is unique and so should their tattoo be"

Hi, my name is Helmut Giovanett and I am a tattooist and piercer from South Tyrol with 30 years of experience in the industry.


I started in 1995 and for 5 years I worked in various tattoo- and cosmetic studios. In 2000 I foundet my first tattoo studio "Amarant" in Neumarkt and later on moved it to South Tyrol´s capitol Bozen.  During that time I also participated in numerous tattoo conventions, among other in Norway, France, Holland, Germany and Austria. From 2011-2019 I tattooed only in private and on request. In May 2019 I opened my current studio in the city centre of Trento - Tattoo Giovanett.


I perform tattoos of all kinds, but my specialties are:


BLACK and GRAY tattoos (light-dark, without colour)

MAORI tattoos (with personalised touch and freehand work)

COVER- UP tattoos (restoration of old tattoos or covering them with a new subject)

RITUAL tattoos (Info -> on request)

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