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Your piercing
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State-of-the-art Piercings:

Hygienic, professional, economical

Eyebrow piercing, septum piercing, lip piercing, nostril piercing, bridge, tongue piercing, navel, dermal anchor, nipple, labia, frenulum piercing.

Why to choose Tattoo Giovanett for

your next piercing?

We have decades (damn getting old haha) of experience in making piercings. Not only you get the body part of your choice pierced with state-of-the-art equipment, you also get an extensive consultation and if you have any questions after the procedure you can always reach out or stop by in the studio and we are happy to help.

How to make an appointment?

Piercings can also be done without a reservation. If you don't want to risk waiting time, just make an appointment by phone (+39 3779745171) or use the contact form.

Your first piercing?


You probably have quite some questions. We got you covered :) Stop by at the studio and we are happy to answer all your questions personally.


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